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This is me.......Julia

I picked the name for my blog because it perfectly describes my personality. It's the ADHD in me that sometimes overwhelms me and makes me take a nap, even though I have masses of things to do.
I was born in California but have never been there since then as a result of life as an army brat, which I suspect is the reason I love to travel.
After growing up in Germany, I really wanted to live in the States for a while so that's what I did after visiting Family in Ohio. I just stayed for 6 years and learned what it was like to have 3 jobs and to still have no money. Six years and a kid later, I came back to Germany in 2000 and have been here ever since.

Now I have 3 kids and a degree in fashion design that I do not use at the moment because of the three kids, but I don't mind; I like my children and they are the reason I blog.
I don't really give any tips on how to raise your kids because I don't consider myself expert enough to do so, but I will tell you all about what they did to me in detail, starting with the bladder problems and the ruined vacations. 
Hang out for a while and read a smidgen about my Hyperactive Laziness.

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