Friday, January 13, 2017

The new year

The new year has already started out different then the last 5 years because I have no New Year resolutions, no goals really not even to lose weight or work out. Nothing. Me the Queen of good intentions and making things happen is empty.

I had one major goal last year and that was to get a job and I put quite a bit of effort in to that endeavor.  I had several criteria that I wanted in the new job and I had to throw them all over board to even get a job. I started out as a secretary from 8.00-5:00, crappy pay and for the first 3 weeks I would come home and fall asleep by 7:o0 each evening because learning new things and having a different routine really kicked my butt.

After 4 months I got another offer and decided to take it, these hours were from 6:30-2:30pm and so the hours were better and so was the pay but unfortunately after 5 weeks the idea started to unravel and I was told to look for something else because the store would be closing soon.
So again I had to change my outlook and my expectations.
I found something else immediately and started exactly two months after I had started my 2nd job.
So now I have my third job in 6 months and I am tired. I am tired of meeting new coworkers and making a good impression, learning the way things are done "here" and having to reorganize my day.
I sat down at the end of the year to do my yearly recap and I just didn't have it in me to put that much effort into it, of course it doesn't help that I have been sick since the beginning of the year with a cold, flu mash up that is not going away at all.
So now I guess my goal for the next few months is to find a way to bring everything together and make it work so I don't feel like I am forgetting something or slacking in other areas of my life.

I have always believed that it is possible to have it all just not at the same time and right now I need to prioritize what is important.

Watching my shows? Not important

Sleep? Important

clean my house? Pay someone to do it

Cook every night? Not gonna happen anymore but at least 3 times a week

Blog? Maybe once a week

Grocery store? Once a week

Lose my mind? Probably several times a week.

We will see how I do with these short term goals.

Talk to you later


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