Friday, December 9, 2016

It takes a village

Everyone goes through tough times , we have all been there, whether it is money problems or health issues eventually Life just slaps you in the face and leaves you stunned, It can't all be sunshine and rainbows all the time.
There are however the REAL crises that we sometimes confronted with and that is when your child is hurt or sick.

One of my closest friends was dealt the mother of all blows by her little girl having a life threatening issue that was really touch and go for awhile but is now slowly getting better.
After the initial phase of utter shock came the overwhelming fear that there was nothing they could do but wait and when I think of her face when she came to that realization it still leaves me breathless.

The reaction from their friends was amazing and has continued to be astounding how many people love this family and want to help. There have been presents, cards, hugs and phone calls, people doing laundry for them and cleaning and cooking, taking care and hanging out with the other kids and just sending healing thoughts.

It was difficult at first for them to accept help because the natural instinct is to say "I'm fine" but once you realize that people that love you want to make your life a little easier then you let it go and let them help and that not only makes you feel better but it gives your friends the feeling that are doing something because there is nothing worse than being helpless. I was talking to her a couple of days ago and she told me that as a family they feel so loved and supported and just lucky to have such good people around them.

We will continue to help and we will be there to hug and help and sometimes just laugh our asses off because when you are as down as they have been the only way is up.

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