Friday, May 27, 2016

This is what is up.

 I had a goal this year to blog more because last year I was slowly just running out of things to say that were small talky enough that I could say them to the public. 
And then the well ran dry.
I had quite a few readers but never got much feedback except from my friend Anny (Shout out to Anny, she is the best)  about what people wanted to talk about.  I am not a mind reader, people.
I have quite a few things going on but most are just too personal to write about them here, so I write about them in private and let the words sit there where they can't fester in me anymore.
 So when I travel I will post pictures and that is about it for a while until I get inspired again.

I am contemplating a podcast but that will be in german for woman over 40.  I decided to do it when I woke up one morning and realized that I was smack dab in the middle of a midlife crisis and had pretty much nowhere to go with my feelings of wanting to murder everyone and then eating my feelings.
I talked to my sister who turned 50 this year and my mother that turns 70 this year and they both remembered what it was like to feel like this and just how bad it fucking sucked.
When women go through something like this it is totally different then when men go through it because not only do we have the hormones to deal with all this shit but we also have to think of the kids. We can't just up and leave and get a trophy wife and get a tattoo, we have to take care of shit. I'm not saying that all men up and leave their wife or that some women don't leave their families but in most cases that is what happens.
And there I go again getting off topic.
I want to talk about how marriage is after years of being together.
What is sex like after 20 years?
Do you take care of your body? What does your body look like?
What is a no go as far as clothes you wear?
Do you have kids that are moving out or that need to move out?

I won't be talking alone because that would get boring but I still need to work on the outline and my guest list a little more before I let it loose on the public.
So that is where I am at.

I will see you soon


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Crystal said...

Seriously sad the podcast will be in German, I know it will be some good stuff!!

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