Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dubai is fun

We arrived Wednesday night in Dubai to an airport with a waterfall in it. We flew with Emirates which was wonderful and very relaxing and considering this was Mia's first flight and we didn't know how she would do it was great. Mia is a great traveler or we wouldn't travel as much as we do. The first night we just fell in to bed and because I can't sleep in a new place like a little kid I tossed and turned most of the night. The next day we didn't do much besides unpack and go to the pool. We decided later that evening to go to the grocery store and that was enlightening and very very confusing all at the same time. Food is very expensive here because everything is imported here so you have food from all over the world. Afterwards it took us about an hour to get  back home because we couldn't get a Taxi
Today is Sunday which at home would mean that all the stores are closed and you don't do much of anything except in Dubai it is a regular workday, the week here is Sun-Thurs and Friday and Saturday off. 
We decided that we would go to the Mall today which if you have ever heard of this particular mall then you would know that it is the second largest mall in the world with 1200 stores and a crap ton of places to eat. It also has a skating rink, Aquarium and every designer that you can imagine. I was there for about 4 hours today and I bought the kids a pair of flip flops and two pair of shorts for Enya. I couldn't believe how big this place was and how beautiful and clean so that in the end I wasn't able to shop at all because I was overwhelmed.    
Several things I have noticed are:
There are very tiny people here I am talking skinny and just itty bitty, totally different from home and for sure different than me. People don't care if you are standing at the crosswalk, they will run your ass over if you dare to walk over it like you own it. I'm scared for my life to be honest. I really like it when they call to prayer but that is because I am tourist I think, I have yet to see anybody really stop what they are doing and actually leave to pray. I can't keep my diet here because I am on vacation and I have no self control. Everything is so well kept here and clean that I am afraid to chew gum on the street and it even says on the Metro that you are not allowed to chew gum.
I didn't know what to expect but so far it's been one good experience after another.
The same weekend we got passes to have brunch and hang out at the beach which we did.
The Brunch was awesome including the Dessert extravaganza and the weird magician they had going on for the kids.
His pidgeon decided to fly away through the restaraunt during his performance and his assistant had to chase it, it was hilarious but then again with a cocktail package included in the brunch everything was hilarious.  
I just figured out how to blog from here so I am a couple of days behind, just ignore it, I am.
Talk to to you later

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