Thursday, February 4, 2016


I love audio books but what I don't love is the price of audio books so I found the next best thing: Podcasts.
I really enjoy podcasts because they are uncensored for one and I love me a good cussword thrown in here and there and I think that people that agree to be on a podcast are cool people.

I think I have mentioned Girl on Guy here before which is one of my favorite ones because while it is funny it's also intelligent and Alicia Tyler is such an awesome woman I could listen to her for days, especially the Self inflicted wounds segment that she does.

If you just want to laugh your ass off without really overthinking anything then check out Anna Faris is unqualified this show is really new so there aren't really that many episodes but what they do have is hysterical.

Another is the Nerdist: this podcast has almost 800 episodes so you have plenty to listen to and it is free. I really love Chris Hardwick's laugh because  you can tell he is enjoying himself.

Grownups read things they wrote as kids is a great one because it is so intimate at times and then hysterical the next minute. It comes from a live show in Canada so you get the audience reaction to each persons story and I like that.

So check these out because I obviously have amazing taste.
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