Friday, November 20, 2015

What's up

I would tell you that I'm back but I will probably fall off the Blogging wagon again because that is how I roll now.

I am the mother that tells her teenage kid that he needs to stop eating because I am getting tired of buying ingredients for dinner and him eating them. You are not effing starving!!!!

I am the person that gets so hangry that she eats the paper towel that her sandwich was wrapped in and doesn't even notice it. by the way that was the last paper towel in the house and I ate it so theres that.

I am also the woman that has all Justin Bieber albums because she likes his music and she isn't ashamed of it. okay maybe a little but whatever

I am the girl that thought longer and harder about cutting her hair off then she did about what she wants to do for a living,  In my defense my hair was down my back and now it is shoulder length.

I am the unemployed person that got so confident that I will probably never find a job because I won't take anybody's shit . Unless its a really great job then I will shut my mouth

I am the weirdo that has 3 ukuleles now and can't play any songs by heart except "Like a Virgin".
Probably need to work on that.

I am the German that has the first Christmas tree up in her neighborhood because she needs an infusion of Christmas spirit stat!! I don't have it up yet but I will tonight, maybe.....

I am the emotional schmuck that read "The Fault in our Stars" and then was so inspired that she wrote a whole paper about it that was so full of feels that it makes her uncomfortable even reading it. Nobody will ever read it ever......

I am the 40 year old that gets pimples like she is still in puberty. 
Mother Nature sometimes you can be a real bitch!!

If I am completely honest it's not that I didn't have stuff going on but I wasn't feeling very nice so if I would have wrote it would have been bitchier then I would have liked and you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice to say then shut the hell up.
Talk to you later,


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