Sunday, September 27, 2015

New York Day 2

We rode the Hop On Hop Off bus and saw a lot of the city. Then we took the ferry to Liberty Island. I was surprised at how little The Statue of Liberty is; it's not tiny, but it seems so much larger than life when you see if on TV.
Of course, I had to rock the Unicorn.

We rode an elevator with a glass roof to the 67th floor and then walked the rest of the way up to Top Of The Rock (Rockefeller Center). 

Poor John had to take pictures with two different phones and hold all the bags.

Ground Zero was calm and a little somber but not sad. There were flowers in some of the names there but all in all a very peaceful place.

Dan took pictures of everything.

That would be Central Park.

Didn't quite turn out as planned....

We were some hardcore tourists with our headphones on listening to the tour guide tell us how important he actually is and oohhing and ahhing in all the right places.

The tour guide kept telling us not to stand up because the streetlights and signs would decapitate you.  I wonder how they figured that out.

That night, we went to see Kinky Boots, which was amazing and a big fat highlight of our trip!
 If you ever get the chance to see it then do it; it was such a wonderful experience.
Talk to you later,

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