Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New York Day 4

We took a trip to Hoboken and yes that is really the name of that town. The subway was surprisingly clean and the trip only took like 15 minutes so I can understand people working in the city and living in Hoboken, one of the things that I did like was that it was cozy and normal kind of like it was when I lived in Ohio. It was the first time I thought " I could probably live here".


John told us about this little place that makes really great sandwiches so we took an uber and went there, Fiore's is know for its Mozzarella amongst other things but especially that. 
When we got there we walked in the back and there was an adorable older gentleman making fresh mozzarella and even broke us off a piece to try. It was warm and while I am not a big mozzarella fan I still thought it was really great. 
Afterwards we got sandwiches with roast beef, olive oil, mozzarella cheese and it was really good even though I couldn't eat all of it.
John knows the owner so we sat and talked awhile, the funny thing was everyone I talked to had been to Germany and really liked it so we had that in common it is a family owned business and you can tell because everyone has the same name or variations of it.
It was definitely a highlight of our trip and I can only recommend it if you are looking for a great sandwich.

Because my child is a big cakeboss fan we had to check out the shop and get some souvenirs for her, while I was there I picked up 3 cupcakes and ate them before I left the next day. Red Velvet, Oreo and carrot cake at three a dollars a cupcake I thought that wasn't too bad.

This was the view from the bar in our Hotel, I think I went to that M&M store everyday.
Later that night we went to china town and had dinner at this really tiny little Chinese place that had huge portions that none of us could eat. I also shopped a little while I was at it because they had the same stuff as Times square had at a fraction of the price.
John was afraid we would get mugged but nothing happened one of the things I noticed in New York is that there are Policemen everywhere so its really quite safe.
We saw a little fair on our way so we stopped there and checked it out. It was cute with lights hanging between the buildings and food tents where you could anything your heart desires.
I wanted to stay up really late because it was our last night but everyone was tired so we headed to bed to get an early start the next day.

(I didn't see John till 12 the next day. )

Talk to you later,

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