Wednesday, August 12, 2015


So if you know me then you know that I am only happy when my life is crazy, chaotic and busy and that is what it has been the last two weeks.
I was afraid that when Mia was home from Kindergarden for summer break that I would fall into my hole and not leave the couch the whole time.
But I made myself do something everyday and even though it is hotter than hell here I still managed to do stuff.
I started my whole30 with mediocre results but that is my fault I am back on the wagon again and dealing with a sugar loss headache.
Update further down about the diet. I'm an asshole by the way.
I participated in Gishwhes this year and I had a blast. This is a worldwide scavenger hunt that makes you do weird stuff and lets you meet new people while doing weird stuff and it was fun.
It was over on Sunday morning and I was not able to sleep last night because I felt like I could have done one more item and I thought about how I would do it. I guess it's called Gishcrash and everybody had it.

 Have a conspiracy party with suspicious guests
Make a dress out of construction paper taken in front of a hotrod
These were just some of the things I did.

Mia is having fun being at home and she tells me everyday that she isn't going back....ever.
Oh but she is going back she just doesn't know it yet.

It's been so hot here that I don't want to go outside during the day but it's kind of tough to tell a 3 year old that so today we packed up and went to the public pool and wore her little butt out. I also used this opportunity to eat French fries, ice cream and some gummi bears so my diet is going well, thanks for asking.

I will start writing again regularly now that the stuff that I am doing isn't secret anymore like gishwhes and the play.
 Talk to you later,

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