Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 5 & 6

After we did two day trips we decided that would not be going anywhere before 5pm on the next day so we did a pool day where I barely moved all day.
Hiding in the back covers my muffin top

So now on to day 6 and what an amazing day that was because we went to the Arena di Verona and saw Nabucco

The cool thing about this place is that we were sitting in the same place that the peasants did to watch gladiator fights the arena was also used to torture and kill people but lets not dwell on that.
We bought tickets for 26,50 and that was for the seats on the stone steps which is where we wanted to sit, when you walk in you are handed a candle that you light when the opera starts because it is tradition to greet the performers by candlelight.
It is allowed to have food and drink with you as long as it is not in glass bottles or you are shlepping a huge cooler, we had filled our wine into a plastic bottle and had plastic cups with us but I saw tetra packs and thermoses too.
This is a long evening so I recommend taking something small to eat and drink with you because the opera itself goes almost 4 hours with 20 minute breaks every 40 minutes. If you don`t want to drag something with you, you can always buy something off the vendors that run around every break.You can buy little pillows to sit on from the vendor carts outside the arena for 2-4 euros or you can rent them inside but I would get one or your butt will hurt sitting on the steps.
This whole night was a highlight from the show to the atmosphere and the music, I am really glad that we did this and I will for sure be going back. Even if you are not a fan of Opera this is a wonderful experience that you should at least try, just once.

The next day we headed home.

 Bye-Bye PescheriaJulia

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