Monday, July 27, 2015

What's been going on?

Been quite a bit going on lately
Joshua finished school. I cried all day even though he could have given a crap less.

We had a party for him on Sunday; we decorated and put nice tablecloths on the tables and hung streamers and 10 minutes after we were done, the sky opened and hailed. Everything was soaked so we had to throw it away.
It was hilarious.
That is Joshua's friend, Nico, or as they call each other "Bro's."

John came for a visit; it was short and fun.

He picked a great week to come: I started whole30 and my period came, so I was a total bitch.....but I lost 4 pounds already so it was totally worth it.

My sister came and I took pictures of the kids. We were supposed to have them taken outside at a park and by someone who knows what the hell she is doing (Babette), but it rained so we scratched that and I took pictures of the kids in the kitchen. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. 

That's us..... we are weird both of us, but it works for us.

I will be beginning G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S on Saturday. I can't write about it until it is finished, but when it's done, I will give you all the deets.

Talk to you later,


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Weekend Getaway to Balderschwang

Christopher's friend came home for a visit and wanted to show his wife a little of Germany/Italy/Austria/Bavaria. Because we don't get the chance to visit with them very often, we decided to meet up in Bavaria.
We are very lucky that Mia is such a good traveler or we would not be able to go on so many trips. I can't handle a naggy-ass child, even if it's my own.

This was the view from the little play area -- miles of green and lots of cows.

We were standing in the area where the paragliders were landing.

Enya got real intense with that car; we eventually had to tell her to stop riding it because she was going a little nuts.

The second day we didn't do much other than go walking in the little Village of Obertsdorf, which is the German equivalent of Aspen in the Winter. We needed some stuff, including a jacket for me.
The next day we decided to take a trip up the Fellhorn and while the view is spectacular, I don't think it is worth the price. It costs 52 euros for two adults to ride up the damn mountain, and while you can ride up and down all day, it is still not worth it. Most people take it up and hike it down or hike down a part of it, which we did not. We rode up to the first station and then hiked up to the next one. By the way, the hiking from 1400 meters up to 2032 meters really kicked my ass! Poor Christopher carried Mia and the backpack (I tried to take it and he wouldn't let me). Not only was I wheezing like a dying animal, but I was also being passed by a bunch of senior citizens who were having full conversations. Okay, they were going downhill but still, I kept telling Christopher that I was going to take a break but he just kept plugging along and ignoring me. 
Once we got to the first station, we decided to feed the kids a snack before we hiked. Let me just say, those were the most expensive effing French fries I have ever eaten. 

Look, I am not dead yet even though I had to get up the Mountain in the Gondola of Death. Enya and I did not enjoy that.

Told him to never wear that shirt in public again and he asked me "why?"

The last day we went swimming for 4 hours, rode slides the whole time, and just hung out in the pool. We left around 4:30pm and got home at 8:30pm, even though there was heavy traffic.
The place that we stayed at was called Bim schwarza Stürar and it was the best organized Bed and Breakfast I have ever been to. We did have the option to have breakfast there, but we decided to stay in our room and have it there, so we ordered Brötchen every morning and bought fresh cheese and milk from the farm down the street. 

The only thing that bugged the shit out of me was all of the flies that were everywhere and the cows that passed by our window at 5:30 in the damn morning with the cowbells around their neck. I know that it's a farm, but man, I was awake for the rest of the day after all that clanging and mooing. Other than that, it was really awesome and I can definitely recommend it. I don't know if I would stay longer than a weekend though, because it is very expensive compared to other places. The perfect example: I paid 2,90 for a water that costs ,-59 cents and that is how it is with everything. When you are a family, it can get very pricey really quick.
The accommodations were okay; they ran about 60 euros a night without breakfast, which would have cost another 8euros for adults and 5 for kids everyday.
That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Talk to you later,

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 5 & 6

After we did two day trips we decided that would not be going anywhere before 5pm on the next day so we did a pool day where I barely moved all day.
Hiding in the back covers my muffin top

So now on to day 6 and what an amazing day that was because we went to the Arena di Verona and saw Nabucco

The cool thing about this place is that we were sitting in the same place that the peasants did to watch gladiator fights the arena was also used to torture and kill people but lets not dwell on that.
We bought tickets for 26,50 and that was for the seats on the stone steps which is where we wanted to sit, when you walk in you are handed a candle that you light when the opera starts because it is tradition to greet the performers by candlelight.
It is allowed to have food and drink with you as long as it is not in glass bottles or you are shlepping a huge cooler, we had filled our wine into a plastic bottle and had plastic cups with us but I saw tetra packs and thermoses too.
This is a long evening so I recommend taking something small to eat and drink with you because the opera itself goes almost 4 hours with 20 minute breaks every 40 minutes. If you don`t want to drag something with you, you can always buy something off the vendors that run around every break.You can buy little pillows to sit on from the vendor carts outside the arena for 2-4 euros or you can rent them inside but I would get one or your butt will hurt sitting on the steps.
This whole night was a highlight from the show to the atmosphere and the music, I am really glad that we did this and I will for sure be going back. Even if you are not a fan of Opera this is a wonderful experience that you should at least try, just once.

The next day we headed home.

 Bye-Bye PescheriaJulia

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Italy Day 4

We decided to take a day trip to Venice because it was really close, and because you should see Venice at least once in your lifetime.
The train to Venice is not cheap, so to cut down the cost, we ended up buying tickets that had us leaving early in the morning and returning later in the evening. This way the tickets cost us about 34 euros a person.
Can you tell I don't give a crap about the picture? lol I was wore out; we had walked a lot that day.
The train ride took about 90 minutes so by the time we got there we were ready for breakfast. We started heading towards the inside of the town because we knew that the further we got away from the train station, the better. 
We found this little place to eat and got orange juice, cappuccino and the best jelly-filled croissant I have ever eaten in my life. Ever.
That is also where we realize that, considering there is no green anywhere in Venice, there are a shitload of dogs. I especially love the ones that were being carried in the purses.

We had a few things on our list that had to be done.
1) Go on a gondola ride:
I saw this nice Gondolier standing there, so I walked up and checked his prices and it was 80 euros per Gondola and it could seat 6 people. By the way, that was the usual price for all of them so it doesn't matter where you ride it. We wanted to ride on the inside of town and so after asking him about the price, we decided to get that done right away, before it got busy. I am really glad we did because later on it was packed.

Let me say, I always thought the Gondola ride would be cheesy as all get out, but I am still glad we did it. We got to see a lot of cool stuff and Paolo (our driver) had a lot of knowledge about the different houses. He also told us that he was 4th generation Gondolier and that he had bought his own boat for 30,000 euros.
As we were riding past these houses we could see that on the bottom of the doorways there were seashells everywhere and that people were constantly working on restoring the buildings.
After the the boat ride, we headed towards Rialto Bridge and started heading towards the Piazza San Marco; it didn't take us long to get there but it was so full of people that we didn't stay long.

This clock has 24 hours on it -- really cool!
After people watching, we walked back towards the inside of town and started looking for places to eat. We passed a crap ton of places that had signs with tourist menus so we knew not to go there. The food is usually shitty and way too expensive so we just kept walking in and out of these little alleys until we found the perfect place.

 These were the owners and also the chef.......I don't remember taking that picture.


Everywhere we went we would order uno Litro of the red house wine, which was always served cold and was always really good.
When we were halfway through eating, it started to rain so we kept ordering wine and eating, and after 2 hours, we were in really high spirits and ready to head out into the now drizzling rain.
It started raining again. I am talking end-of-days rain, so we kept ducking into stores and doorways.

So, this crazy-ass looking dude had some really nice stuff and we did end up buying earrings and purses there, but he was so high that talking to him was like talking to a toddler.
Nicole had decided that she wanted a mask, so we went into one of the 1000 stores that sell them and bought some. The lady was really nice so of course we took a picture with her.
We slowly headed back to the train station.
Arrivederci Venezia,