Saturday, June 27, 2015

Italy day 2

The second day we decided to check out the little town we were staying in and also figure out what day trips we were going to do.
We didn't rent a car so we walked everywhere we went but it was a nice walk if you didn't get freaked out by the people trying to kill you on the crosswalk. Italians drive like nut jobs.

Let me tell you about Italian sizes, if you are anything bigger than a 3 you are totally screwed. Everything is very small there so if you have hips or boobs then nothing will fit you besides shoes and even those you have to size up. I didn't buy anything for myself besides bracelets and earrings.

This is the restaurant where we ate twice because it was really nice and we could watch the boats pass by and it was also not bad price wise. Whenever we did anything like eating out or buying groceries we would just order whatever we wanted and then split the bill by 4 so it usually came to about 25-30 euros per person but that included drinks, dessert and appetizer.

So I bought a selfie stick and even though it is probably a tool of Satan I still love it as much as fruit loops and I am never giving it away. I feel really stupid taking pictures with it and people look at you like you are crazy but I don't care.

We decided that day that we would go on a boat trip the next day with two people that tend to puke on boats so that should be fun.

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