Monday, June 29, 2015

Italy day 3

We decided to take a boat trip and hit as many little stops along the way as we could. This isn't the cheapest way to travel but it is the nicest, in my opinion.
So, the boat went to every one of these stops and you could get out wherever you wanted -- kind of like a hop on, hop off kind of thing. 
We left early as all get out, so we would get the most bang for our buck. So, because we left in the morning we were all alone on the boat. 
I look like Grandma Edna.
We got to Garda in about 30 minutes and got off the boat to have breakfast. We had an hour at this stop before the next boat came to pick us up. 

Waiting for the boat with the golden oldies.
After we left Garda, we kept going till Limone, which was beautiful.


Have I ever mentioned that I get a lot of strange looks whenever we take these kinds of pictures?
After we had lunch and bought some souvenirs, we got back on the boat to go to Malcesine, which for some odd reason, none of us could pronounce. We called it everything from Monte Carlo to Miami. 
The trip there was really fun because we sat outside, on the top level of the boat.

By the time we left Malcesine, we were worn out and still had a little over two hours on the boat to get back.
It was a really nice day and it was worth the 34 euros we paid for the whole day. So, if you get a chance to do this, then definitely do it. 

The next day we headed to Venice at 7am.......yeah, I was a wreck!

Talk to you later.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Italy day 2

The second day we decided to check out the little town we were staying in and also figure out what day trips we were going to do.
We didn't rent a car so we walked everywhere we went but it was a nice walk if you didn't get freaked out by the people trying to kill you on the crosswalk. Italians drive like nut jobs.

Let me tell you about Italian sizes, if you are anything bigger than a 3 you are totally screwed. Everything is very small there so if you have hips or boobs then nothing will fit you besides shoes and even those you have to size up. I didn't buy anything for myself besides bracelets and earrings.

This is the restaurant where we ate twice because it was really nice and we could watch the boats pass by and it was also not bad price wise. Whenever we did anything like eating out or buying groceries we would just order whatever we wanted and then split the bill by 4 so it usually came to about 25-30 euros per person but that included drinks, dessert and appetizer.

So I bought a selfie stick and even though it is probably a tool of Satan I still love it as much as fruit loops and I am never giving it away. I feel really stupid taking pictures with it and people look at you like you are crazy but I don't care.

We decided that day that we would go on a boat trip the next day with two people that tend to puke on boats so that should be fun.

Italy Trip Day 1

Our annual Gossip vacation took us to Italy in the Garda area to be exact and it was wonderful as Italy of course is.
We did something different everyday and we walked a lot which is nice considering we drank a shit load of wine and ate carbs all day long and that needed some kind of balance so all in all we walked a total of 79.876 steps which totals 74km of walking.

We left in the middle of the night because our flight left really early from Frankfurt because we wanted to have the most of the day in Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Italien

I like to travel fashionably
After we got to our house we immediately went to the grocery store which was right by the house and we stocked up on food for the next couple of days which consisted of Cheese, tomatoes, bread and meat. 

After we ate we layed around the pool and fell asleep and because it was right in front of our door we didn't have far to go. 

This is where we stayed:
It was clean and the grounds were really well kept with the grass mowed and the flowers taken care of and the pool was not nasty smelling like chlorine so that was nice.
I would definitely recommend it. 
Take care,