Thursday, May 14, 2015


When Mia gets up in the morning, she likes to make sure that everybody is awake so she can play or just be her cheery, sometimes annoying self and not disturb anyone.
This week I learned how important it is to sit straight on stage or you look like a glob in the spotlight. I never realized how much I slouch.
Took the girls to the animal park and Mia kept wanting to pet the horses. Ever since one bit her, I don't let her anywhere near them.
Rare moment when my kids are all together without being total a-holes.

Mia is a Daddy's girl, and whenever he is around, I am completely ignored; Most of the time I like it. 
Today was Father's Day here in Germany, which means all the men get plowed and ride their bikes, but Christopher didn't; he hung out with Princess Penelope all day.

I have been taking pictures of her for so long that now she poses for me. lol! I think I created a monster.

In other news, our Kindergarden went on strike this week and they have not given a date when they will reopen -- that kind of sucks!
The weather has been pretty nice and my flowers are blooming and growing like crazy, especially the white rose I planted for Dad. 
It is nearing crunch time with the play and soon we will be rehearsing from 10am till 10 pm daily. I still don't know how I will do that if the Kindergarden stays closed. 
I went bikini shopping and didn't cry. 
Can't wait for the family to come visit in June. 

Talk to you later

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