Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's up?

I went swimming today and hurt my wrist, isn't swimming supposed to be good for you?

I spent hours on Saturday washing, folding and ironing clothes for the flea market on Sunday, I don't even iron that shit when I wear it. I sold some clothes but I didn't make much money and if you were to figure out my hourly wage with all the work I had with these rags you should smack me in the head. I haven't worked that cheap since the 90's but I did have fun. 

My friend Nicole was selling this amazingly gaudy but beautiful tea set that made my tacky glittered heart just lose it's mind. I had to have it and she gave it to me.
 I feel like Alexis on Dynasty.

Today I took the girls to a nursery to buy the plants that we will for sure kill in the next couple of months and I found this etagere that I have been wanting for a long time and it was on sale so I grabbed it.
When we got home enya dropped it and it broke on the street.
I got mad and Enya started crying so then Mia started to cry because her yaya was crying so I just threw up my hands and said screw it. I drug the trashcan over to the car so we could throw it away and everybody calmed down and we spent the rest of the evening planting.
Oh and I can't have nice things.

So I upped my steps on the fitbit from 10000 to 12000 and then promptly for the next two days sat on my ass and got about 6000 steps. I challenged myself and then choked. You'll have that. 

I have been sleeping like a dead person lately which is nice but I barely move at night and when I wake up in the morning my arms are killing me and I have to move them around to get the blood moving. 

I started watching a new show called The Returned and while it is very interesting it has some creepy ass people on it like the forever Villain on every show he has ever been on.
Mark Pellegrino, that dude plays the best villains and is one of the creepiest actors I have ever seen.

That's all folks, 

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