Thursday, April 16, 2015


So my friend Nicole and I went to see a play:
Let me explain something right off the bat, I am not a theater person I like musicals but I like to watch stuff that is funny and easy to digest and not something where I watch a dude acting so hard that he is sweating and spitting across the stage. So yesterday I went and watched a play that was called Black Water and that should tell you everything, It wasn't funny really it was something for intellectual people but I could still keep up. I am glad that I went because it was an experience and if it doesn't kill me then experience is always good.
PS: Why yes I do have man arms, why do you ask?
We started rehearsing in a new place that was really cool. I wanted to take my shoes off and slide across the floor.
I made a Easter cake that made everybody stop and stare at it and ask me why there is grass on the cake, after I told them that it was edible I caught my mom eating the grass by itself.
I took the kids swimming and the girls had a blast, I could hear them screaming all the way down the slide so that is when I knew when to take a picture.
So the husband got me a fitbit that I love so much and it has got me motivated to move a lot more than I usually do. When I was going through my sit around on my ass phase I was only walking about 2000 steps a day now I am around 12000 so that is a big difference.

Other random thoughts:

My child wants to start getting his drivers license which means here I would have to drive with him which would not be good for our relationship..

I yelled at an old woman today in the public pool and she totally deserved it.

I wonder if you walked backwards if the fitbit subtracted steps, might have to try that tomorrow

I took my shoes off in the theater because I am a redneck

I saved my money to buy myself something nice and I all I bought were some air freshener sticks and stuff for everybody else in the family.

I am a great Aunt now which should make me feel kind of old and it does.

There are so many movies I want to see but I am so cheap that I don't want to go to the movies.

I like this weather we are having now I don't have to wear so many clothes I call it the THIGHS STICK TOGETHER WEATHER

I know the neighbor Lady's cat is going to shit in my yard one of these day and I am going to throw it on her balcony.

That's all I got

Take care,


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