Sunday, March 29, 2015


I took some pictures of Mia and Christopher. Mia is so used to having her picture taken that she just goes with it.
    Babette Lässer Photography

I just love this gif because it's stupid.

We signed Joshua's contract so he can start his apprenticeship in August as a bike mechanic in a really fun but chaotic place. I kept my cool while I was there but started crying like a mom in the car.

I could have sworn that I had freezer paper so I tore up the craft room to find it and then had to clean it up -- never did find the damn paper.
Finally got the silhouette machine kind of figured out and got the peace sign cut out for this pillow. It only took me a whole roll of vinyl, 6 tries, (one of which involved ironing the damn thing to a dish towel because I had it laying down the wrong way) and a bunch of nice ladies on facebook talking me through it.
The littlest one is sick again with a sore throat -- at first we feared it was scarlet fever (yes we still have that sickness here; at least it ain't the damn measles) but turns out it's just a virus of some sort.
 Aren't they perfect? I should know, I made two of them.

Subject of this shooting was dance like nobody's watching. This was a little hard because if I really danced like nobody is watching, I would had been put in the hospital for body spasms. What you can't hear is how weird the music is. The mat I am standing on really hurt my feet. Every time I raised my arms my stomach would pop out.
This was our loveshack pose that was not intentional; we were just being stupid. The funny thing is that Jannik is actually way over 6ft and here he looks like a Dwarf.
Those shoes were absolutely killing me.
Both of these pictures were taken by my talented friend Babette Lässer.

The cool dude lying on the floor is my friend Flo, who takes amazing pictures every time except, this time he had 50 pictures left after taking almost 1000 .They had bad lighting and he was ready to beat someone up. That is why we do this, so they get practice and I get nice pictures. I get better every time, too, even though that is not why I do it -- it's just a nice side effect.
Alright that is all I have; I have to go make taco salad.

Take care,

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