Friday, March 6, 2015

My week in pictures

If you buy yourself a new lipstick that you have been researching for 2 months on the internet, then for all that is holy, do not leave that sucker lying on the table where your 3 year old can get to it.

I forgot last time when I started Paleo that you get a really bad headache the first week; I remember that now.

I was reminded again how happy I am to have two girls who are both hilarious.
Mia had her annual checkup and she almost fell off the table. She refused to talk to the doctor until he was halfway out the door, then she told him "Bye."
This is how we hang on the couch; everyone has headphones except Mia, because she watches those really annoying videos where some strange woman unwraps toys.
Christopher was in Dubai for several days soaking up the sun. He had fun but you can't really tell by looking at this picture. :-)
Mia and I slept in one bed and I was kicked in the face every night, but this is how she woke me up in the morning -- totally worth it!
Enya and I did a lot of chopping and cutting this weekend in the hopes that this year the wisteria will bloom; it hasn't in three years.
 Mia got a kinder egg that is as big as her head

We made little cakes with sprinkles in them in a silicone pan that was so awesome that I will only be buying those pans from now on. Nothing sticks in them.
This was 2 minutes after she was talking, telling me she wasn't tired. She's a liar.

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