Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Generation

My Generation
 This is probably why I hated highschool because I looked like this

I remember when I used to talk on the phone while walking around the house, clothes-lining people because the cord was so dang long. Let's not even talk about how awesome it was when *69 came out. It made calling someone and hanging up when they answered just a little more dangerous.

Things were different in the states when it came to meeting friends after school because you were in school till three. By the time you got home on the bus, there wasn't much time during the week to hangout, except Fridays. I do remember pagers but I never had one.

You were able to completely embarrass yourself and the only way someone knew about it was because they were there or they heard some embellished version of the way you couldn't manage the parallel parking in Drivers Ed. Just as you were crying and standing about 10 feet from the curb, the fire drill went off and the whole school came out and saw you. Did I mention that I hated high school?

I miss the days when I could leave the house without a phone and not have the feeling that I am missing a limb, not to mention, that the only telephone numbers that I still know by heart are the ones I had to learn 20 years ago.  Another downside/upside is that I can't go anywhere without google maps because I completely rely on a computer telling me where to go.

What about taking a picture of your food before you eat it? Did you ever think that you would do that? What about staging it so it looked pretty while everyone around you is starving and giving you the evil eye? If I would have told my parents that I couldn't eat yet because I had to take a picture of my pierogies, my dad probably would have shoved them up my nose.

What about mixtapes that you made off the Casey Kasem Top 40? Those were the days.

No Kardashians
I'm just gonna leave that one there. 

Letters. We used to write notes and draw hearts and flowers and all kinds of sqiggly things on them, then pass them on. Or, we made some other gesture to get the guy or the girl.
When I was in 9th grade a boy came over to my house and stood underneath my window and screamed/sang "I Need Love" to me......he called himself Italian Ice. We never dated.

When and if you got dumped, it wasn't via text. You either got the face-to-face "it's not me it's you" talk or he sent his friend to do it. You know, like a real gentleman.

There was no such thing as a status update. Nobody knew your business and whether or not you were at the doctor's office, Chili's or the carwash. If you wanted people to find you,  then you went to where they were.

I still love what all the tech things can do for me and I wouldn't want to give up my Kindle or my iTunes, but I am fortunate to have grown up in an easier time where I couldn't get bullied over social media.

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