Monday, March 23, 2015


This weekend we took a road trip to Brussels to visit some family who decided to spend part of their honeymoon there.
I started to get suspicious when, every person I told where we were going, asked me why. I had never been to Belgium and I am always up for seeing something new so I ignored it.
Now that I have been there, I understand why people were looking at me funny when I told them where I was going.

I will say that the trip was worth it just to see Kyle and Ashley, but other than that, I can hereby promise that Brussels will never see me again, unless I have to drive through it to get somewhere else.
We got to our hotel, which was the Novotel Centre Noire in downtown Brussels around 7:30 pm, after driving through insane traffic. Seriously, people drive like crazy people there; unfortunately, there is practically no room to park anywhere in that whole city and our hotel also had no parking so we parked in the Parking garage across the street!

This was the view out of our window.
After we got to the top floor the first thing we saw were hookers, so Christopher was automatically starting to wig out about his car and whether or not someone was going to key it or break in.
Since we got in so late we had to get the kids fed so we went to McDonalds because it was quick. Little did we know that we would be going there more often that weekend.
We got the kids fed and met up with Kyle and Ashley for drinks in the hotel and hung out till around 1am then went up to bed. I didn't sleep well. :-) That is not unusual. I don't usually sleep well the first night in a new place.
The next morning we met up around 10 to go sightseeing and shopping, which is where we realized that everything is twice as expensive there than it is at home -- that includes everything, especially food and alcohol.
Famous Belgian waffle that Christopher said sucked. lol! I swear it was a disaster! What you can't see is the dude dressed up as a bunny waving around a huge brown dildo and having his picture taken.

It was so damn cold there that we had to keep going into places for coffee and drinks to warm up, but Mia was still a trooper though. 


The first day we spent walking around buying our souvenirs and going to dinner at ChiChi's. Just FYI don't ever go to the ChiChi's in Brussels, just don't. 

Here is a fun fact about Brussels: Regular people just pee in the streets there, just for the hell of it, so every once in a while you get a big whiff of urine, which always helps the overall vibe. 
Another fact is that the sweets, and by that I mean the chocolate, are out of this world. 

I went to a Lady Godiva store, where I bought nothing because I couldn't decide. 
Sunday was the day that we were heading back so we decided to go see the Atomium and head home from there. 
 This was our only family picture that weekend.

We headed home around 2:30 and walked in the door at home at 7:30 after just one, stop so that wasn't too bad. All in all, I am really glad that I got to see Kyle and Ashley. 

Our trip:
4 trips to McDonalds
3,00 euros spent on the bathroom 
29,00 euros on parking
really bad mexican food
lots of laughs with the newlyweds
a wonderful snack bag
rustly sheets that woke us up every time Mia turned over in bed, which was every 5 minutes
a shitload of homeless people
more cops than I can count; they were seriously everywhere
some very strange people

Talk to you later,

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