Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's for Dinner?

Did you know that I have learned how to make a delicious marinade for Tuna Carpaccio, or that I have taken cooking classes where I learned how to make an Italian finger-food buffet?
I actually enjoy cooking and trying new things as long as it doesn't have any nasty brusselsprouts in it.
Now let my tell you what isn't on my top list of things to do and what has slowly sucked the joy out of cooking for me: trying to come up with things that will make the whole family happy. I have a teenager who wants meat with everything he eats. If it doesn't have meat it is a side dish for him.
Ham is not meat by the's just ham.
My littlest one doesn't eat any vegetables or fruit and basically just eats carbs. The middle child just likes to snack and rarely eats a whole meal, only to be hungry 30 minutes later and then moping around the house because she isn't allowed to eat....again.
Cooking for a teenage boy is a never-ending story; he is never full and always on the lookout for what to eat and I guess it tastes especially good if it is something that you have put aside for yourself as a special snack. Yesterday, my son bought me a little bag of Doritos, but when I went to eat them today I discoverd that he had eaten 98% of the bag.
I think of things to cook that are filling but I have to make double the food because he eats it for breakfast and the after dinner snack right before he goes to bed.
In the beginning of the week I sit down and make my plan of what to cook that week. I go to the grocery store. Most germans go every couple of days so they don't have a full cart but when I go my cart is spilling over. I have had people ask me if I was throwing a party. "Nope, I just have a teenager," is my answer. 
I buy ketchup, hotdogs and meat patties every week just for him......and that is just breakfast food.

One of my favorite things that they do is when I buy something new like vanilla and chocolate pudding and they eat all the vanilla and leave the chocolate because, all of a sudden chocolate is gross and I didin't get the memo.
Another favorite is when I buy something and they devour it and we run out after day two, but the next week when I buy it again, everybody treats it like the plague and I end up throwing it out.

You would think that I can kind of predict the eating habits of this family but I can't, so I tell myself that it is an adventure and I am just along for the ride.
Atleast that is how I feel sometimes, when I am sitting there trying to meal plan, like I was dragged along a dirt road facedown for hours.
I love my family, dammit.....

Take care,

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