Monday, February 9, 2015

The Day You Will Never Get Right

Valentines day: The day you can do no right. 

Get ready because it is coming quicker than you think and there is no way to escape it without pain, if you don't set some ground rules that I am about to lay down for you.

1) Give up. There is no way in hell you will ever get anywhere close to the scenario that we have in our head. We grew up watching romantic comedies our whole life and we know how it is supposed to be. Have you seen the notebook? I rest my case.  Just don't.

2) Now, about the gift. It doesn't always have to be something blingy -- if you have a girl who really cares about you then you can get away with something you made yourself. I am not telling you to make some dumb-ass macaroni picture frame that you sprayed gold because, let's face it, that is only cute if you are in preschool. Cooking a nice meal is a great way to be romantic. If you have to get your mother involved because you are not smart enough to make more than ramen noodles, then by God, do so! Just don't tell your love till after she eats.
3) Try not to go out that night because you will look like you are trying too hard along with the other hundred dudes trying too hard. Everything is more expensive and it just isn't romantic when you are surrounded by a bunch of other people trying to top each other. I promise some weirdo will put a ring in a champagne glass and propose and it will either be very awkward for you or hilarious, depending on your girl.
4) Don't buy roses; they are way overpriced and just not worth it. Get her her favorite flowers or even a spring arrangement that will last longer. It's prettier anyway.

5) If you are going to do gifts then set a limit before you go and make something yourself and she buys you an expensive gift. Trust me, you will look like an idiot and she will hate you. It isn't something that you can make up trust me. This is coming from the person who made a gift basket with his favorite foods one year and he looked at me like I had two heads.

This is just for the ladies:

Don't be so hard on him if he really tried and still failed. At least he wanted to do something nice for you, and besides, if he really screws up bad you can always make fun of him for years to come with your girlfriends.

Take care,

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