Thursday, February 19, 2015

On my way to Fifty Shades

Let me set the stage for you so you can see what a total wacko I sometimes am.
It's fat Tuesday in Mannheim and the first 5 minutes that I am downtown waiting for my friend to get there, I am already standing in puke from some idiot who is completely plowed by 6pm. It is absolute mayhem and I feel really uncomfortable standing here by myself in a crowd of drunks dressed up in slutty costumes. There was even a guy with a unicorn mask on his head; he was admittedly pretty funny, especially because he had a string pulled through his nostrils with a balloon attached to it that he kept staring at.

After my friend got here we decided to have drinks before we had to be at the theater so we headed into this bar that we don't usually go to. After I got there I remembered why I didn't like that place. I ordered my strawberry Mojito that gave me major heartburn by the way, I am such weirdo and as I am sitting at the bar minding my business, this guy in a tiger costume and mask on his face walks up to us and proceeds to try to hook up. Of course, when someone has a full mask on it is impossible to see what he looks like nice deduction sherlock and, therefore, you don't really know how old he is, not that it would have made a difference--I was not in the mood anyway. He kept telling me that he would pay for the taxi and would I even consider it........and then he dropped the bombshell. He told my friend and me that older women were back  "IN" and that it was cool again for younger guys to take home an older woman. After I just stared at him completely flabbergasted we told him to take his ass and carry it.
It was finally time to go so we headed to the theater and got situated. Of course, I had to complain about the seats because we were all the way in the middle of the row and I wouldn't be able to enjoy my huge-ass glass of diet coke and go to the bathroom three times without getting on someone's nerves.  And yes, all that food was for me; I didn't eat dinner so I could pig out at the movies.

The movie starts..........
I dump all my popcorn on the floor except for a few kernels; my friend remarks that I could have at least dumped it in my purse then I would have been able to still eat it.
So, I am now scratching the bottom of the cup and getting the evil eye from my right because I am being too loud.
Okay, what is that sound? I keep hearing music and I don't understand where it is coming from. I check the wall because maybe there is a speaker there. I ask my friend and she checks her phone; I ask on the other side of me and she says it's probably coming from outside. Long story short, it was coming from my purse. I was the asshole with the ipod on. By the time I got home, it was dead.

Okay now on to my review:
I really enjoyed it! I loved the casting and I think they chose the perfect people for the role of Christian and Anastasia.
I thought it had just enough sex and the scenes were tasteful and sexy and not at all as stupid, as they were in the book. Thank heavens there was not one mention of that ridiculous inner goddess.

One of the best things about this movie is the soundtrack, which is just phenomenal! I have been listening to it for days and can only recommend it, especially the songs by Vaults and AWOLNATION.

I liked that they showed Anastasia with a sense of humor. That did not come across in the book and it is what you would expect of a twenty-something girl. Also, even though she was a shy girl, she was still strong and not a pushover.
As for Jamie Dornan, I thought he portrayed the damaged, tortured, twitchy-palmed Christian Grey exactly like I pictured him. I believe that the movie was a big step up from the books but while they were really out there, I still devoured because it was something new and different.
I will definitely buy the movie, and I am excited to see the extra footage and the director's commentary.

Check out the movie. Maybe your trip to the movies won't be as nuts as mine, but even if it is, I think you will enjoy it. Even if the plot doesn't interest you, at least you will see some beautiful people naked.

Take care,

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