Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Week in Pictures

I had family here for the weekend which was really nice

Mia loves Make-up unfortunately we had to take some of it off before she went out in public because she put so much blush on it looked like we had beaten her.  Never mind that she is using my Naked Palette that is not cheap.
 We had another Photo shoot and Enya was the only one that wore the hat that well
 Gatsby inspired photo shoot where I left my black sport socks on.

 I painted my kitchen black and even though it looks like a dungeon in this picture its actually nice, all the decorations are still from Mia's birthday but she likes it so I am leaving it.
I took Mia the monster swimming and we had a blast, I let her sit on my back and I pulled myself through the water and I can already feel my muscles hurting so win-win.. 
I bought a blender and it's red....I am hopping on the smoothie wagon with Enya, I hope I don't hate it.

We are painting a shadow box but we thinned the paint too much so we had to paint it 5000 times.

This is how Mia dresses herself, crown and all. 

All in all an average week in Casa Biereth which if you know me you also know I never have an average week.

Talk to you later, 

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