Monday, January 12, 2015

Photoshoot Do's and Don'ts

My friends Babette and Flo are two bright-ass stars in the photography sky and are trying to get more practice so that when they have "made it" and get to take pictures of the rich and famous, they don't mess it up.
So, they practice on my friends and me.
Of course, we are ridiculous and act like weirdos but we have so much fun! Our pictures are great and they are learning what works and what doesn't, and so are we.  For example, four hours is nothing when it comes to time, and a 16gb SD card is way too small to fit all that nuttiness on it.

1) Try not to get herpes on your lip a couple of days before you have the shooting -- it's gross and you will have to put pounds of makeup on to cover it up.

2) Don't eat anything salty or yeasty before you take pictures or you will be bloated and feel really nasty and fat. You should probably eat something though or you will get hammered really fast.

3) Do drink a couple glasses of prosecco to get loose so you do not make a tense face in your pictures. Just don't overdo it and fall off the stage in your heels or pull your pants down in front of everybody. I did none of those things; I'm just saying don't do that.

4) Find someone who can style your hair if you have a certain look you are aiming for because, if you try to do it yourself, you might look like catweezil.

5) Wear something that makes you happy and comfortable but still looks nice in pictures.
If Stephen Amell is on your boobs you are guaranteed a good picture , I like to wear it inside out sometimes, just saying

6) Don't be afraid to look goofy; you can't always be beautiful. Sometimes you have to make funny faces to loosen up -- this is not serious business.
Just make sure you don't look down or you will have more than one chin if that is something you have issues with.
 7) Pick a theme. It makes it easier to make everything match as far as makeup, clothes, hair and jewelry goes. My theme was rooster hair and red lipstick. I never said it had to make sense.

8) Fake eyelashes are a must when doing photos and, of course, more makeup than you usually wear, not necessarily different, just more of what you usually wear.
9) Use props. They are fun and give you something to do with your hands in some of the shots and they keep you from making the same face or the same pose.

10) Location....Location....Location. It's important to pick a place that allows you to spread out and be cluttery and also someplace you can run across in your underwear if you forgot something. You want to be able to relax, turn the music up and let loose.
If you got a little tipsy taking your pics, and you go home and take the 99 bobby pins out of your hair, and the only lipstick you have left is stuck to your cold sore, then you will look like this. 
This is 10 minutes before I had to take a nap -- damned day drinking.
There you have it, my absolutely non-professional tips that you should still totally follow because I said so.

Take care, 

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