Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WTF are Sins?


Okay, so I don't know what I am supposed to do about this one because I lust a lot of things and not all are inanimate objects. 
I read a shit-load of smut books and fan fiction and you know I don't just read it for the plot. So, does this mean I am sinning every time I want what the chick in the book has? The rugged pirate with the Wand of Love that is the size of a family-sized salami  is a bad thing? Or, what about when I see a perfect pair of shoes that I know would only look amazing on me and nobody else and I can't stop lusting after them? Am I going to hell? Well, alright but let me take the shoes and the hunky dude in my book with me.


A couple of months ago I went to a doctor who was trying to figure out where all my stomach issues were coming from and he mentioned, from looking at my teeth and my throat, that I don't chew my food enough. Apparently, I literally just shove it in and swallow it. thats what he said So, I think that says it all. I will shove a whole turkey in my mouth and keep it there like a boa till it goes down.

I was eating dark chocolate ice cream; need I say more?


I am not greedy at all unless it comes to food, them I am a total bitch. I think that is why I cook so much; I am afraid somebody will still be hungry when they get up from the table and that would be horrible for me, so I cook for a family of 8. 


Really? I am a sloth as much as I can be; who wouldn't want to be a sloth?  Have you seen them? 

Now, this is a hard thing to describe because, while I have never hurt someone, I have kicked the shit out of a lot of inanimate objects and broken a humongous amount of stuff over the years, including my umbrella just this weekend. I go all ninja sometimes, when things overwhelm me, and I can get really creative when it comes to ways to mangle something and sometimes other drivers while I am in traffic, but I don't follow through.   


I don't really have an issue, because I don't feel envious that much. If I do, it is over pretty quick. I think the only thing that makes me envious is when I see someone who has achieved something at a young age. I decided on a family and I will achieve my goals and some dreams, but I will have a later start and that's okay.


I don't think pride is a bad thing as long as it's pride in something you have accomplished and not in thinking you are better than anyone else. 
I consider myself a proud person, and I tell my kids how proud I am of them and I want them to know that accomplishments should make them proud, whether it is that they are good to others or studied hard for a test and aced it. Own it and feel good about it.

So I am sure that when you go buy the book, I probably interpreted these all wrong but I can live with that.

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