Sunday, December 14, 2014

What I did for Money

I have tried several things in the past as far as employment goes, and I thought I would write them all down and tell you what I learned from every single one.

1) Delivering advertisements to mailboxes on my bike:

I hated that job because it was way too much work for what little I was paid. Plus, I fell over from the weight of the papers that I had on my bike. It probably didn't help that I delivered on my purple ten speed that had no functioning brakes.  I ended up setting the whole load of papers on fire and quitting.

2) Gift wrap girl

One Christmas, I had a job wrapping gifts at a perfume & make-up store, and I had to wear a white coat with heels and pantyhose. Because I am short the stupid coat went down to my ankles and I looked like an ass. It was an okay job except for the fact that I couldn't make the stupid bow that was required. Luckily, there was a big drawer with ready-made bows in it that were for emergencies.

3) Cleaning lady at the police station

Talk about dirty work! It was absolutely disgusting. Not only were the prisoners disgusting, but the men who worked there were too. I ended up stealing a big-ass plant and wheeling it home in a trash can.

4) Floral Designer Apprentice

I started an apprenticeship at a flower shop with a young woman who hated me and would torture me every chance she got, including locking me outside without a coat in the winter just to be mean. My mother suggested I quit after a year and go back to school. I never, ever let anyone treat me like that again.

5) Worker in Porn Video rental place

I saw a lot of old men who had rented so many movies that they couldn't remember what they had seen, but I always reminded them that they had seen that particular smut already. I didn't have a problem with porn back then, and I still don't, but the weird dudes who would sit on the floor and pet the video covers were disgusting; I could have done with out that.

6) Waitress in a bar

My first waitressing job was at a wanna-be preppy place that catered to spoiled, rich douche-bags and their girlfriends. I don't remember how long I worked there, but it was long enough to get my next waitressing job, where I stayed at quite a bit longer.

7) Waitress

I worked in an assisted living facility as a waitress in the dining room, which was nice and safe and definitely nothing for the future, but I did meet nice people who are now all dead.

8) Floral Designer

After I moved to the States (Canton, Ohio), I worked as a floral designer for a place called Symes & Son where I learned enough to get my dream job at Anderson's Flowers

9) Anderson's Flowers

I loved this job and the people.
10) Sales at the Music Oasis

Because I needed the money I also worked at the Music Oasis in Belden Village, which was the most boring job I have ever had. I love music, but this place was such a snooze-fest.

11) Sales at Dumont Seed

Working at a nursery is a fun job and you get to be around so many pretty plants and flowers. I learned a lot at that place, including that if you cover your plants to protect them from frost you have to uncover them before the sun comes out or they will burn. I really liked this place and the owner was a really good boss.

12)  Floral Designer

I worked as a floral designer again but this time for a guy who was the biggest crook I have ever met. He decided to give everyone a permanent work contract on Christmas Eve and then he fired everyone on New Year's of the same year, after he didn't pay any body's health insurance that he had subtracted from our pay.

13) Secretary

There was a pharmaceutical company that was based out of Montreal. The guy who hired me was a real piece of work. He is the first Canadian that I have ever met who was a total ass-hat.
He would bring his trash in from home and want me to sort it because he didn't like to recycle. He expected me to do it! He also wanted me to wear roller skates because he wanted me to be faster when he told me to do something. Needless to say, I told him to eat shit and fuck off and left. He did try to bribe me with a vacuum cleaner, but it didn't work.

14) Postal Worker

I delivered mail on my bike for about a year and a half because that is how long my contract lasted.  I really enjoyed it and my body was to die for, let me tell you, I didn't have one ounce of fat on me but I did have bruises because I would fall over with my bike all the time. I also fell over in a field one time and the mail went flying all over the place, but I did collect it all. The downside was that I had to start really early in the morning, and in the winter, I was in the cold all day. By the evening I would fall asleep sitting up at the table.

15) Warehouse Worker

I started as a stocker at the PX here in Mannheim, but after 3 months I was working as a supervisor. Aside from being sexually harassed for the two years I was there, I really enjoyed it. I made excellent money and had really nice co-workers, and when they decided to come to work we made a pretty good team. After I left there, I decided to get my degree in fashion design.

16) Barista at Starbucks

While I was in school in my second semester I wanted to make some extra money so I worked at a Starbucks in the mall. It was a real pain in the ass but still fun. learning all the drinks was fun and I still love to go to Starbucks and drink a tall, double shot sugar-free vanilla lactose-free latte.

So, those are all the jobs I have had and now I am looking for my next adventure. I guess if you look at these jobs, it looks like I jumped around a lot but this is set over 24 years. It's still a lot but whatever. I did learn quite a bit and I did feel like a jack of all trades but a master of none until I got my degree. I kind of like the fact that I have done so many different things, and I did learn to stand up for myself and to make demands. I can work in a team but I can also be the boss. Experience is always valuable, whether it is good or bad.

Take care,

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