Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Sometimes I have so much going on but nothing really important and worth mentioning; it just adds up to the point where I need to get rid of it so I don't explode.  So, please do not try to make sense of what I am saying here.

I just watched the Katy Perry Documentary "Part of Me" and I really liked it. I love her music and her lyrics but I have never seen a live show, so this was a real treat. I really enjoy music documentaries and I thought this one was definitely worth watching.  It made me cry a little and also hate Russel Brand a little.

I went to a parent teacher conference and when I went to tell the secretary who I was there to see, I told her a name of the teacher that did not exist at that school and I also told her my son was in 7th grade (he's in 9th). That is how messed up I am right now, but luckily I have not left the house with my underwear on backwards in a while, so I guess that is progress.

This morning I didn't have time to eat breakfast so when I got home I was so hungry I ate chips. Because I am classy and the chips were only crumbs in the bottom of the bag, I ate them with a teaspoon. And yes, they were the rest of the DAMNED DORITOS!!!!!!!!

I baked Christmas cookies this weekend and then proceeded to eat them all week. Then I got depressed when I saw the pictures of the cookie baking event because I have a back like a line backer. I really love striped shirts and I look like shit when I wear them and I still don't stop wearing the fuckers. What is wrong with me?

I did bake with the girls, and they had a lot of fun and did really well.
I love Enya's face in this picture. It just sums up the sister relationship that these two have; they love each other but sometimes they just fart on each other, too.
After baking, Mia was like a crack head. She ate so much sugar, sprinkles and powdered sugar she was totally wigging out, but of course, that didn't stop me from letting her lick the counter after she dropped sugar on it.

I put up my tree and I am really happy that it is done, but I do think that I need some new christmas music, because the Celine Dion crap that is playing in the background made me want to strangle Santa.
I decided to cook paleo again this week and then put cream in everything because it tasted better. So there went the eating healthy; then again, I did kind of ruin it with all the damn cookies. Oh well, I can't be perfect. 

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