Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas is Dun-Dun-Dun-Dun

Things that were different this year......

I was intoxicated a lot these Holidays.


Blame it on the Glühwein and the Tequila.

I didn't stand in the kitchen for hours on end this year, because my mom invited us to Christmas dinner so that was nice (even if it took an hour and a half till we got our food).

Mia was so hungry she started acting weird.

While we were eating dinner, some nice man sitting behind me thought it was appropriate to rub his crotch area into my bun while he got up and squeezed his fat ass past me.
At this point I was hangry, and I would have liked to punch said man in the nether regions.

We had Ryan, my nephew, here from Prague, which was fun especially for Mia because, in him, she found someone who would play Barbie, Playdoh and even let her paint his nails.
Christopher and I didn't do gifts this year except something small, and boy did he take that literally.
I asked him what the hell it was and he said, "I knew you wouldn't get it!! It's for our future." So that is what I got, the future.

Mia was supposed to be a Snowflake in her Kindergarden play but she decided to just sit on her dad's lap and do her dance.
Christmas was really toned down this year as far as gifts go and it was still nice; the older the kids get the harder it gets to buy for them.

So that was my Christmas in a nutshell this year -- nothing out of the ordinary and nothing spectacular -- just family, food, and a whole lot of nothing.

Take care,

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