Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bring it on 2015

Photocred goes to Flo Niedersetz

So this is the last year in my 30s........let that sink in.
I will be 40; I can't believe it! I feel like late twenties most days and then other days when I have had little sleep and I have to shave my ladystache, I realize "No, I am not in my twenties, you twit!"

So I do have several projects for this year because, of course I do, so let me list them to keep myself accountable.

1) Get a JOB!!!! My stay at home time will be officially over in February and I will be getting a fun job to get me out of the house. My goal is to have it by Feb. 1 but we will see. If I am going to make that goal I might have to take something I am not super excited about till something great comes along, but that is okay -- I can live with that.

2) Get a tattoo. My mother is going to kill me but I am going to get one to reward myself this year -- something small and easily hidden -- but I can still show it off I want. I am still on the fence about what the tattoo will be, but knowing me, I will decide right before I get it.

3) Learn Yoga. I have been wanting to do this for so long but never got my ass in gear. I did try it at home and it was hard but I felt good. I feel so stiff lately and when I get up, I walk like Quasimoto, so I know I need to do something soonish.

4) Travel to 2 countries and I have those planned already: Italy (plane tickets bought) and New York and if all goes well Prag for a weekend. New York for my 40th Birthday is going to be the most epic and my siblings and I are already excited about it. We're planning all kinds of fun stuff.

5) Do something fun at least once a month like Holifestival, Concerts, Fleamarkets, etc. I have several things already planned so I have a head start on that.

6) Take vitamins regularly, especially for my hair. Not only is it gray, but it is really thin so I need to do something about that. I usually start vitamins and stop because I forget.

7) Do another whole 30 to reset my body and get rid of all the junk I put in it, at least for a little while so I can start eating nasty again.

8) Learn two new skills. I am not sure what yet, but it will come to me.

9) Be more aware of what is going on in the moment. That is a tough one for me because I am always so busy in my brain that I am happy when I don't forget who I am.

10) Go to every event my kids have, even if I don't want to since I know it will be really boring. I already started this year; that's why I am in the parent council in my son's class. He hates that. lol mission accomplished. 

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