Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Resolutions

So, like everybody else, I of course had a few New Year's resolutions that I tried to stick to; now as I reflect back, I see that I did pretty well with those so I am excited to do it again. Let me break it down for you.

1) Craft and sew more
After 8 years, I finally hung up new curtains and hemmed them while they were hanging because I am crafty like that.
1. Pillow made from Mia's old toddler shirts. That was a real hit; she sleeps with it every night
2. Nail polish rack that I still use, even though it fell off the wall
3. Monkey blanket with a satin back; I almost killed someone while making it!
4. Nightgowns for Mia made from my t shirts
1. This was a dress made out of two shirts. It turned out pretty cute till I tried to dye it; that's when I ruined it.
2. This is still hanging in my room.
3. This chalkboard broke when it fell over, but I did learn that DIY chalkboard paint is not so great.
4. Little stuffed bunnies 
1. This wasn't supposed to look like obese starfish but it did; I painted them gold and hung the sonsabitches up anyway.
2. This pillow was cute but scratchy as hell.
3. These were the barefoot sandals that I did not wear. 
4. Valentines garland that is still hanging. . . . . 
 Moon sand was awesome!
1. These were really cute till I stood in the ocean with them and the little gold doohickeys rusted.
2. I still need to hem this bad boy so I can wear it.
3. I love this pillow.
4. I made this for my medicine when I went away to Kur.

So, I did make quite a bit and some of my crafts did not turn out like I wanted, but a fail is still a completed project so I posted it.

2) My 2nd resolution was to learn something new (like parallel parking).

Okay, so I did learn some new stuff and parking is one of them, but I also learned some cool things like:
Play the Ukulele. I just started playing a couple of months ago but I love it.
I learned how to French braid my own hair, which I am especially proud of because I have always wanted to be able to do that.

I bought a camera in the beginning of the year and just started taking a ton of pictures. I started playing with it without having it on automatic so I did learn quite a bit.

Those were my new skills for the year and I am more than satisfied.

3) Stop holding my farts in. I'm married for God's sake; I blame it on my brother.
 I still do that; I can't not do that. 

4) Travel to at least 2 countries.
I did that!!!! Woohoo

This is Germany but it is the Baltic sea so I added it.

We also took a quick trip to Garmisch this year so I definitely got out enough, but then again, it's never really enough when it comes to travel.

5) Quit talking bad about myself. 
I really worked on this and I did see a difference as far as I saw myself and how people saw me. A funny thing that happened was that people would say that I looked so good even though I hadn't changed anything except my attitude. 

 6) Try to be nicer to strangers and maybe people who know me.

 Nope I didn't really do that. I was still kind of bitchy but that is just my personality.

7) Take better care of myself

At the beginning of the year I did the whole 30 and it was really rough, but after about 5 days of headaches and being moody I started to feel better and not so stuffed all the time. I didn't start to lose weight till about 2 weeks in but I was losing inches so I was fine with that. After 4 months I had lost 8 pounds and all of my muffin top was gone and my legs were skinny like they used to be.  I started to eat normally again but still watching, not to overdo it and that lasted till the end of summer, when I was eating a lot of crap again. I am still wearing a size 5 in pants so I am not too worried but I do need to get back on the clean eating train again
8) Get a Llama
Nope did not get that, not even time sharing one, sorry.

9) Paint my living room

I did not do this which is amazing because it was so important to me to get this done. We have lived here for 8 years and have not done anything in the living room except buy new furniture. Oh well, there is always 2015.

10) Drink more wine.
Ok I did do this
This year has been pretty good to me and I am happy with my progress as far as learning new things and getting out there, but there is always room for improvement so that is what I will be doing: Improving and tweaking.

Take care,

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