Friday, November 28, 2014

Things that Overwhelm Me

I think one of the hardest things with ADHD is the number of things that overwhelm me, and 99% of them are dumb as hell.

1) Coming home from the Grocery store hungry and having to put the food away first: I usually just shove food everywhere while I am stuffing lunch meat, cheese and a pickle in my mouth at the same time.  I can't wait that long.

2) Realizing that because I never get Doritos I just ate a 1lb of them by myself over the course of 5 days:  If I ever ask anyone for Doritos again, for the love of all that is HOLY, DO NOT GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!!!!
3) Buying ingredients for my Christmas cookies and finding out that this year there are no Hazelnuts because the crops were close to bare: AAAHHH!!!! Now I have to revise my damn recipes.  It's like the debacle last year when I had to grind the nuts myself.  That's it -- I am going to start stockpiling yams and chili in the can because the end is near.

4) Putting up my much as I love it, it's so much work I can't even......

5) Putting away paperwork:  I hate having to go through my bills and putting everything where it belongs. I would rather just leave it there until it isn't relevant anymore and then burn it. I did that once while I was a teenager when I had a paper route.  I eventually just got so freaked out I dumped everything in a field and burned it.  (Of course, I pay the damned bills but the paper that is left over or the notices of stuff I really don't care about but probably should drives me nuts!)

6) After I wash the clothes and fold them I like to leave them in the basket in the basement because putting them away is too much work. Besides, Enya will just mix her dirty clothes with the clean clothes anyway. Digging through the laundry basket to look for my underwear is so much more fun.

7) Trying to figure out what to cook and then buying the stuff: I hate it and if I go to the store without a list I will just buy canned tomatoes and a crate of tangerines.  I am the worst.

8) Getting lost while driving and having to turn down the radio so I can see better:  my son likes to use this opportunity to ask me shit like, "Where do hookers come from?" and "Can I spend the night at my girlfriend's house?" So now, I am not only lost but I am freaking out, too.

9) When I am watching a TV show and I get behind on an episode: I can't just watch two, so I wait and binge-watch 5 episodes. I don't know why, but it overwhelms me to be behind.

10) Being in a crowd: I can't handle it. I think that is also the reason I will never fulfill my dream of being in a flash mob. I would probably just start punching people for getting too close to me and, God forbid, someone should touch me.

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