Friday, November 14, 2014


This weekend I went to my friend, Kira's, house and sewed some sweaters and a skirt. They were easy projects that were fun and quick to make, so right up my alley.
I had to go to the doctor with Mia this week and we had to sit and wait for an hour till it was our turn which really pisses me off. Why do I have to make an appointment if I have to wait an hour anyway? Mia was bored and just layed on the floor and read a book. I was only there because Mia has had a wart on her foot for two months and it just won't go away. The doctor told me to let her stay home from kindergarden for two days so I could watch her and make sure she doesn't take her bandage off. Yeah right, that is exactly what I am not going to do. 
I am so happy that she is doing so well in kindergarden.  She even takes her nap there, which means she is awake in the afternoon and I don't have to plan around her nap anymore.
I have had bananas in my freezer for months and today decided to make bread.  I guess I used too much liquid; that stupid thing would not get dry enough to cut so it was like eating a damn sponge. I didn't think I would ever say something was too moist. Wet ass bread! WTF Bananas, get your shit together!

Joshua spent his fall beak with his grandparents in Florida and had a great time there getting spoiled rotten and enjoying the sunshine instead of the rain and cold that we have here.
I went to a Halloween party as a beat up bride with Bob Ross.  The only comments I got about my costume was that my boobs were huge. Mission accomplished!!!!
Mia had her first St. Martin parade and she did really well carrying her little lantern that she made herself. I remember one year when Enya lost interest and dropped hers and I drove over it with the stroller. The only thing that I really don't like is the ugly LED light that they sell now.  It used to be a warm light and now it looks like the inside of a fridge.
I went to the last fleamarket for this year and I made a whopping 30 euros, which was just horrible but I did get a pair of shoes, a vest, and a fur poncho that makes me look like a paraplegic with no neck so it was a good day. 
This has been a pretty slow month with few highs but I know that it will start getting busy with Christmas and New Years coming up. For now I will just enjoy the quiet. 
Talk to you soon, 

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