Monday, September 22, 2014

Things I Learned

If you are looking at purses and you come across the term "Vegan Leather", don't buy it! It is effing plastic and worse than anything -- I actually think it's evil.

Don't make rash decisions about your hair. If you have some dumb-ass idea about cutting it or coloring it, then please sleep on it for a week or at least until you are no longer hormonal and stupid and then do it or don't.  In my case I shouldn't have done it.
I decided to color my hair and add some brown highlights and I did write about hating it because the color just looked all wrong. I couldn't figure out why . . . . . . well, now I know.  I am completely gray!  All over my damned head . . . . . not a couple of little hairs, but my whole head!

I bought a big inflatable kitty for my garage roof for Halloween.  When I plugged it in, I  broke it. It can be fixed but it's still a pain in the ass.  I learned that if it says 120v then don't plug it into 220v, you dumbass!

If you need a good laugh then check out this video.
I almost peed my pants.

I learned that if you have a head cold, you probably shouldn't be out in public. I only know this because I tried to put on two pairs of pants on top of each other and didn't understand why it didn't work. I went outside but checked first if I was wearing all my clothes just in case I wore two pairs of pants and no shirt.

Don't start reading a fan fiction website on a tv show you like. You will not be able to stop for two days and everybody in your family will hate you, because they get sandwiches and a dirty house. You are so busy reading that you can't function properly.

I now know not to make chicken fajitas and try to melt the cheese in a sandwich maker. It doesn't work and it makes a really huge mess.

It is impossible to keep a tired toddler awake.


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