Friday, September 5, 2014

The Last Year in my Thirties

The last year in my thirties has officially started and I am stoked.
Yesterday was pretty laid back with almost no company and that was just fine for me. I don't need a party this year. 
Family and a couple of friends and a whole lotta people on facebook wished me a Happy Birthday.

A couple of things to mention here.
I made out like a bandit this year from the Family, talk about being a spoiled brat.
The Husband bought me the watch I wanted.
My hair looks like shit, damn hormones
My brother said I was a nasty old lady and that my face was keeping the bugs away.
I don't know what he is talking about this picture is perfect. 
My sister skyped me in her red neck jammies which was awesome but then my mom kept saying how pretty she is and I am sitting there with makeup on feeling like chopped liver. 
I'm kidding, No I'm not I hate her. They never wanted me. 
I made the kids do whatever I wanted all day and they tried really hard not to complain. 
I told mom not to bring anything that I could kill and she brought flowers. 
I didn't cook because I was tired so I ate crackers with cheese and a piece of cake that I didn't bake just defrosted. This spread was not pinterest worthy let me tell you. 
We had to hide the musical birthday card from Mia because she wouldn't stop playing the damn thing. 
The best part of the day was when I got to go to bed. 
I still laughed like always. 

Next year will be a whole different Ball game because I am turning 40 in New York

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