Monday, September 1, 2014

Ten Awesome Things

This week was the usual:

1) We were invited to friends of ours this Saturday and it was really nice. They have a beautiful home and it's obvious  they have stuck so much work into it the last couple of years.
While we were sitting outside on the patio drinking wine and watching the kids play in the yard, my child decided to go up the stairs and take a dump on the upper deck. Since we are potty training, she had easy access with no diaper on.
Cue the hilarity.....I swear nothing is sacred with a toddler, even beautiful patios.

2) I have a very inquisitive child who, for some odd reason, likes to eat soap and put lotion all over her body, including herpes cold sore ointment. She also likes to climb in boxes and climb on the tallest pile of rugs at Ikea and then stand there like a statue screaming "Mama look"!!! I don't remember this age being this crazy, but I guess that is because the kids are so far apart I feel like this is the first time I am doing this.

3) I went to the Fabric fair here in Ludwigshafen (which is so much fun and so very expensive) but a must-go to anyway. I bought the softest Minky and Satin for a blanket and then took hours to sew it since they are the most slippery fabrics that exist known to man to sew together.
I love sewing so much, but I always end up choosing projects that are doomed to be difficult and disappointing. Mia loves her monkey blanket, so that is good enough for me.

4) We went outside and cut back the wisteria. It's on its 3 year and it still hasn't bloomed; I don't know what the hell the problem is, but I still like the greenery and I hung little lights in it months ago. The lights are now grown in and I love the look, but the Germans always ask me if it's Christmas.
They drive me nuts sometimes. It's supposed to be romantic, you dipshit -- not Christmas.

5) Mia is talking so much right now. You can even understand 99% of what she is saying so that is a big plus; I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with her, but now I realize that she can understand and answer in German and English, so all is good.

6) Tomorrow is the beginning of birthday month in our house, which is always a very busy month for us and also very fun since we get to hang out with friends and family. It's also the anniversary of Dad's passing, so that is hard but so far I am doing well. This year, Joshua turns 16 and that happens to be a day after the anniversary, so I won't have much time to be sad. Hopefully, my son will let me throw him a party.

Auto correct fails to me are some of the most hilarious things ever, but I did block my auto correct because I would rather take longer to text than write something like this. 

8) I spent three weeks at the beach this year and it was wonderful, but ever since I got home the weather has been very un-summery and I am not feeling this at all. I chose to wear my ankle boots the other day and right then made the decision that summer was over and fall can begin.  It's supposed to be eighty this week so I am going to be sweating in my leather boots. 

9) My smallest child refuses to eat vegetables and fruit. For some odd reason, she loves couscous and she will chow down on it if I let her watch the ipad at the same time. 
As long as she eats I am happy....sheesh this kid is the weirdest kid; she will eat soap but she won't touch a damn vegetable with a stick. 

10) Enya is back home and we are going to enjoy the last week of vacation by hopefully going shopping and buying some shoes for back to school. I have to take her to the Eye doctor; I think she needs glasses. Poor thing is blind as a bat but the upside is that I started watching youtube videos on Cutegirlhairstyles and even if she gets the biggest pair of cokebottle glasses, she will have cute hair. 

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