Monday, September 8, 2014

My favorite photo apps

When it was time to get a new phone my biggest criteria was the camera on it so after researching it I decided to get the Sony Xperia Z1 because it has by far the best camera on a cellphone with 20,7 megapixel.
I really love the fact that it is water/dust proof which came in handy at the Holifestival and at other times when I layed it down on a wet counter.
I don't like to talk on the phone with it because it is a big phone and doesn't feel right in my little hand but everything else is great as far as texting, Internet or playing games.
At first I had every photoapp you can imagine but after having it for a year I have 3 that I use all the time.
The best thing in my opinion is to take the picture with the plain camera and then work on it with the different apps because the photos are just better at least I think they are.
My favorite app for selfies or pictures of people is the Candy camera app.

This is taken with the plain camera no filter nothing edited


This is with Candy Camera
There are two different sets of filter with this app, Selfies and Classic and I use them both

Picsart is the other App that I use quite a bit, I make my header for my blog with it and all of my collages and they are the right size for Instagram also so I don't have to cut my picture.

I am a big Instagram junkie but the cutting my pictures into a square really gets on my nerves until I found NoCrop.

With this app I can upload every picture to Instagram without cutting it but it does add a white frame around every picture that you can't see once it is on Instagram because of the white background.
It also has collages, stickers and cute frames so you have quite a bit to work with.

I even upload my pictures from my camera to my phone and add filters because I like it so much

Edited with Candy Camera

If you click on the pictures it takes you to the Playstore so you can download them and try them yourself.

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