Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Happy Birthday oldest child

Your Birthday was on Monday, which also happened to be on the first day of school. That was kind of  dumb and I'm sorry for that, but you got through it like you always do.
You were my first kid and the one I made the most mistakes with like, pulling your seatbelt too tight and, in a panic, cutting the seatbelt to get you out.
I put you in daycare at 3 weeks old and you were still the happiest baby on the planet. To this day I still have mom guilt about that.
I yelled at you (and still do a lot) but now you just laugh at me.
I used to make you help me move furniture that was too heavy for both of us.
I made you wear sockpants in the winter.
Even though I did all these things, you still love me and tell me you wouldn't want another mom.
I must have done something right because you are the best kid ever, even when you are acting like a total teenager and I only see you when you are passing through to eat and sleep.
I am grateful for everyday with you, even if I don't always act that way.
I love you,

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