Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Week in Review

Woo things have been really crazy around here lately but I think that is pretty much all the time so I don't know why I even bother mentioning it.
I got bored with just being blond so I had brown lowlights put in but when it washed out it made me look Grey in the ends and I hate it. 



We finally got the teenager moved to the basement and it turned out so nice but until we had everything sorted out and figured out where to put everything it looked like this.
1 trip to the dump and 1 trip to the fleamarket later it was done.
This is Josh doing his favorite thing

We still have to get a desk and a dresser and curtains but the main part is done and he is happy.

As mentioned the Fleamarket where I made decent money and got rid of a bunch of stuff I had no more use for. Of course it was crazy with two guys almost beating each other over a nintendo game so that was nice.

Other then that there is nothing new going on I need to get my resume done so I can apply for a job I did get my pictures taken for that and I don't like that my roots are showing but other then that I think it's ok.

I think this definitely looks like a person you would hire, I will keep telling myself that until I have a job.
Let's hope my future employer sees it that way. 

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