Monday, August 11, 2014

Things I have learned

These last couple of days, I have learned a few things.
I learned that if you are on your period and you watch T.V., you will cry whether it is a kid's show, Barbie movie, or a trailer for a movie; you will cry and when your kids ask you if you are crying, you will cry even harder because trying to stop is impossible when you are a hormonal blob.

I learned that talking is the best way to solve an argument but when there is nothing left to say, the best thing is to walk away and stop trying to fix something that isn't broken --  just not on the same wave length anymore.

I finally dreamed of my Dad and he looked very happy; it made my heart a little lighter.

I missed my own cooking while in Kur but to tell you the truth, it's too damned hot to stand in the kitchen and cook real food so it's been salads and sandwiches this week.

I am itching to sit at my machine and sew something, but because I don't want to spend money on fabric I have to use what I have. My couch is getting all new pillow cases this week.

I learned that my husband has killed all of my flowers outside and inside. I don't know if I should plant something anymore or just say screw it for this year. I guess I could plant mums; they are pretty hardy.

I learned that my instincts as a mom are right on. When I see something that needs stitches and go to the emergency room, and the woman in admissions laughs at me for being over cautious, I stick to my guns and wait for the doctor, who takes one look at it and say it needs stitches.

I learned that my son has finally found his appreciation for the greatest Band on this Earth:  U2. His Dad is definitely jumping up and down somewhere, totally ecstatic.
The kid was named after the Album Joshua Tree so it's only fitting that he likes the band; he told me the other day that he finally understands why we loved this band so much -- Bono is so awesome.  I raised him right.

The week is just starting so I am sure there will be plenty of learning to do; I will keep you posted.


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