Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pink Box

I don't know anyone who doesn't like getting a surprise in the mail every month, so when Pinkbox had a face special going on where you could order a beauty box for 8 euros, I decided to try it. I used to get the GlossyBox for a while but when I cut back expenses that was one of the first things to go.
So yesterday the box came and it was nothing to write home about -- but ok for 8 euros.
The first thing I noticed was the box was really flimsy.  I didn't like that at all since I store stuff in these boxes.  The ones from GlossyBox are really sturdy.
I received this UV spray for your hair, which does me no good since, until today, the sun has not come out in 2 weeks.

This stuff is cool but, unfortunately, I already have it from Benefit.  The one from Benefit is awesome so I gave this one to my kid.  It was full size so that's nice; it's called "magic touch instant blur."

This is just a trial-sized tester bottle.  It smells good, but I already have two Boss perfumes so I won't be buying this.

I like recipe magazines, but I usually just get all my recipes off the Internet or Pinterest; still,  this is cool to look through.

This is sun protection for babies, but I already have the perfect sunlotion form Rituals so I will be gifting this.
Shower gel from the Body Shop:  it's a little bottle but I will definitely try it and probably use it up because shower gel is always useful.

So, for 8 euros it was definitely ok but I canceled it anyway because the box itself sucked; I figured that even if the products were bad at least the box would be worth it but not in this case.
I did order the GlossyBox for a month to see how I like it now,  so we will see. 

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