Sunday, August 17, 2014

Holifestival Mannheim 2014

Today was the Holifestval, which was the festival of colors and we were there in Mannheim to celebrate and throw bags of powdered color all over ourselves. We left the house dressed in white and even though the sky was gray, we still had high hopes that the sky would turn blue and the sun would come out.

It is a definite must to wear something in front of your mouth and nose when you throw the colors because it gets dusty for about 2 minutes and you can't see anything. 

After the first color countdown we still looked pretty good and clean

 Color Ninja Squad

And then the sky opened up and just rained like it hadn't rained forever, and we were soaked in seconds.

And after the rain must follow a rainbow, and in our case, a double!

Once the sun came out, it was bearable as far as the cold so we made the best of it and continued to party.

 My feet were so disgusting but my shoes came completely clean, just like my purse; my feet are another story -- I don't think they will ever come clean again.

At this point, I think Christopher couldn't feel his face anymore. He couldn't look in the camera hole anymore either; when I told him we were leaving because I was driving, he made this face. 
I guess he wasn't ready to go.

Aussie was there and took Polaroid pictures, so that was cool
We had fun even though the weather left a little to be desired; the only thing is that because the colors were powder, it stuck to everything and when it rained it pretty much dyed everything we were wearing.  My hair is still pink in spots and my underwear and bra are completely pink forever. My feet and hands and anywhere that I had dried skin is now pink or purple and my boobs look like easter eggs, but what the hell, I had fun!

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