Monday, August 25, 2014

Hatin' on the Ice Bucket

Here, let me just place my soapbox in the correct position so everyone gets a taste of what I'm sayin'.

I have been watching ice bucket challenges for about a week now and as repetitive as it is, I am very glad to see it hasn't let up yet. 
Everyone is doing it and the money keeps coming in for the ALS fund and they are distributing grants all over the world to find a cure for this horrible disease that nobody knows much about (since it isn't as widespread as cancer). Well here is a thought: maybe if you find a cure for it, it won't ever get to be as widespread as cancer.
I could just haul off and smack somebody when they think it is ok to start bashing people who are taking the challenge and donating money and trying to spread the word; is it an internet hype that will blow over in a couple of weeks? Are every Tom, Dick and Harry doing the challenge? Yes, but there are also entire families doing the challenge and while they are doing something good, they are also having fun.
I have heard things like, "There are starving children in Africa and you are just throwing away the water!" Really? Well remember that the next time you throw away food because you didn't like it or you were too full to eat it all. Or, maybe the next time you take a bath you can sit in the water and feel sad because of all the people in Africa.

Who are these people who take a fun idea that is doing so much good and drag it through the dirt? Do you go to the basement to laugh, too?  Do you hate little fuzzy kittens, also?
If you don't want to do it, then don't.  If you are against animal testing, then don't do it. I agree that there has to be a voice for the animals -- if that is you, then go for it.
If you think the idea is stupid then it is your God-given right to keep scrolling and bitching about it to yourself, but shut the hell up on the Internet and stop trying to ruin a good thing.

These passive aggressive haters just get my goat.

If you want to see why this is so important then check out the story about the creator of the ice bucket challenge.

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