Friday, August 29, 2014

Ebertpark Ludwigshafen

I live in a little town outside of Ludwigshafen.  My town is cute and kind of rural (without being in the middle of nowhere) while Ludwigshafen itself is not very pretty or quaint -- it's just plain old ugly, with the exception of this little park.  This park, on top of being really nice and taken care of,  is also free.  I said free!!!! Nothing is free anymore.


There are no dogs or bicycles allowed in the park, which of course meant there were dogs everywhere and people riding bikes all over the place.  Nobody follows rules anymore. 
There were goats and birds and a couple of really great playgrounds that were so well kept and clean; it was awesome. 
Of course, Mia got dirty and wet so I had to take her dress off in the car since she hates to be wet. Then she fell asleep in the car and, unfortunately, she doesn't stay asleep so a 10 minute nap was enough for her.  I missed my nap today, which makes me cranky but Mia is still going strong even after a bath. The kid is not human, I tell ya. 


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