Friday, August 15, 2014

Do's and Don'ts

This weekend was full of Do's and Don'ts again and because I can think of nothing better to do I will share them with you.

Don't let your child spray bug spray in her face because she will totally lose it!  You will have to almost drown her in the sink and rock her afterwards for almost an hour till she calms down. It wasn't really harmful but extremely irritable. Poor Baby.

Do get everything ready to pack and lay it on the bed, only to lay on top of it to take a nap

Do sew a little girl dress that you start and finish in 2 hours for Mia Mouse and makes you so happy because you remember when your mom used to make you dresses. She refuses to wear it.

Don't bake chocolate chip cookies because you will eat them and not know when to stop since you are a nutbag with no willpower what so ever.
Do merge your blogs together because you realized you can't think of enough shit to write about on one blog. Thank you Bre and Sandy for telling me to do this.

Do start wrting this post a month ago and then save it as a draft

Don't eat your feelings.
Do eat someone elses; it always tastes better when it's someone elses anyway.

Do read the Divergent series in a day and a half and love every second of it till the last 20 pages.
Don't wake your husband in the middle of the night because you are so pissed off about the ending that you have to punch something.  4 is hot!!

Do take a nap so you feel refreshed.
Don't take a 4 hour nap that leaves you feeling like you had brain surgery and can't remember your own damn name.

Do cry because Robin Williams died.

Do tell your kids that you love them even if they really disappointed you.
Don't  tell them what you really think at that moment because it will come out all wrong and make you feel guilty, even though they screwed up in the first place.

Talk to you later,


Sandy said...

Are you traveling somewhere again? Or, was this packing from before? I'd like to see a picture of the dress you made Mia Mouse. I laughed so hard at the part about eating someone else's feelings -- maybe they have less calories. I love your sense of humor.

Julia said...

I started this before going to poel.
I will have to see if Mia will wear the dress again, the good thing is I made it bigger so she can.probably wear it with a shirt underneath ( till she is 13)

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