Friday, August 8, 2014

Coming Home

Let me tell you what I did for the last three weeks. The idea behind my retreat was to get out of the daily grind and to relax enough so I wouldn't suffer from a burnout, also known as every mother's daily life.

What ended up happening was, the first week I had a sick kid who wouldn't let me do anything. Because she was sick she couldn't go into daycare so I couldn't get a massage or go to a class.


The second week, I fell and the sore on my toe became infected, which meant I couldn't get in the pool. This left even fewer classes that I could go to so, the last week I finally gave up and just kept Mia with me and went to the beach.
In the end, when I went to my final talk with the doctor, she mentioned that she could have told me that it would be this way; it's almost always like this when you go to a retreat with a toddler.
I will try again in 4 years, when she is older and I can apply again.
I went there with certain expectations, and I came back with new friends and a different perspective on several things that had been bothering me for a while.  So all in all, it was a good experience that I am glad I had.
5 days before it was time to come home, Christopher came to visit with Josh and then drive us all home. It was nice to see each other after being apart for a while.



Enya had a birthday while we were there. She told me it was the nicest birthday she had ever had so I would call that a win.
I didn't really have anything to decorate with and I wasn't allowed to have candles, but we did what we could and she really liked it.

Now, I am back to regular life and it's time to find out if three weeks away did me any good.

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