Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things I Learned

So this week has been a week of firsts and of course, things I've learned.

1) If your toenail is only staying on because you put a bandaid on it, then you probably shouldn't rip it off. If you go to the nurse to get a new bandaid, then just save your time; it's gonna fall off.

2) It doesn't matter where you go, if you are a person who gets bitten by skeeters then they will find you even here. And, they will feast themselves on your flesh and you will look like you have the chickenpox by the time they are done.

3) If you have a child who likes to run away every chance she gets, then the chances that she will take off in the elevator and get lost and cry like a crazy woman are pretty high.

4) I can get used to not having to cook but I do miss salt in my food.

5) I really miss wifi in the evenings so I can blog, get on pinterest, read my books on cloud, skype or play games on facebook.

6) I have always had the dream of having a house by the ocean but in this dream I never really considered the sand that gets everywhere, even in my damn bed.

7) I didn't know the sun could shine as long and as bright as it does here. It doesn't get dark until after ten and it doesn't quiet down till then, either.

8) I like the mochachinos out of the machine. They are probably slowly killing me but it's my highlight every night, to sit outside with one and try to find an internet connection.

9) My family misses me but for some odd reason, my in-laws and mother are cooking for the men in the family almost every night, like the men are a bunch of invalids. How come I don't get that?

10) Every person has their story. Some are sad and some are positive; some are dealing really well and some are hogging all the therapist's time.

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