Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It's Rough

I survived the weekend with endless sunshine but it was tough let me tell you.  Sunday, Enya and I walked to the grocery store, which was about 4 km away, so we felt good for getting our exercise in; we ended up going swimming, too that day before dinner. Sunday night most of the kids went to the movies so I only had Mia to deal with, but that was enough because she ran away from me again and I had to chase her. I talked to a therapist and she told me that from now on, I have to stop treating Mia like a baby who can do no wrong and start treating her like a toddler that is acting like an asshole. This means I have to punish her instead of losing it like a banshee and running after her while pee is running down my leg and Mia is laughing the whole time.......I swear that kid is part Kenyan.
Today I had my first massage, and while it was good, it was also only 20 minutes so way too short to be effective; plus, it left me wanting more.

I am never coming home.....

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