Friday, July 18, 2014

Island Poel

Yesterday we left on our trip for our 3 week retreat.  Hopefully, we'll have sunshine (the forecast says the next week is going to beautiful) so we can spend a lot of time at the beach.
It took us 8 hours on the train but both kids were so good that the trip was actually enjoyable; we weren't totally stressed when we got here.

We went to bed early and aside from getting up to kill some bugs that were eating me alive, I slept pretty well and both girls slept like dead people.

This morning I had my doctor appointment where they determine what I have to do while I'm on this retreat;  I ended up with walking and having some kind of goop smeared on my back and then comes the weekend!!!
Mia was in daycare for the first time and she did great; she didn't cry once!

Pros and cons:
The weather is great.
The food is ok; I think it shouldn't be too hard to lose weight.
Everyone is very nice here, and I have already met some nice women.

There is sand everywhere!
The bugs that bit me left huge welts that hurt really bad.
The first night Mia ran away during dinner. I got really pissed because, by the time we found her, she was on the second floor.

I will keep you updated.


Sandy said...

So, I have to ask: are you being bit by bed bugs? Where you're staying looks beautiful. And, you look very rested already. You should do a "before" and "after" photo!

Julia said...

No bedbugs just mutant skeeters, seriously they are disgusting.
I can do a before and after picture after this last night though I look rough because both girls make a lot of noise and have woken me up 5 times. Lol weirdos I wonder who they get that from.

Nicole Bürkle said...

But after all that noisy weirdos and mutant skeeters you 3 lovely Girls look absolutely happy and having a great time though arent you .. miss ya kiss ya :*

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